To travel responsibly is a trend now – a positive trend, of course. This means you are traveling in a sustainable way. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of climate change.

People of all ages are more environmentally responsible in their activities. It’s also valid for people who are traveling. If you love to travel as much as you love to help the environment, these six must-do tips on eco-friendly traveling are for you!

Purchase locally-produced food and beers

Purchasing locally-produced food is the first practice you can do to save the earth. This also applies to when you’re on vacation. This is because locally-produced food requires less carbon in the cooking process compared to imported foods.

By buying local food, you will help the economy of the society as well as contribute to eco-friendly travel. Call it a culinary tour, and you will get the benefit in the future!

Pack lightly

Do you know that the more your baggage weighs, the more carbon is produced by the plane? This is because the heavier the baggage, the more fuel will be used. This also applies to other kinds of transportation such as cars and buses. By packing lightly, you won’t be troubled by your stuff while traveling. You will also save the earth!

Don’t use plastic bags

Reducing the use of plastic bags is a common thing now. Some cities have even started to ban the usage of plastic bags because of their negative impact on the environment. Wherever you are, use a reusable bag made with no plastic material.

As we know, plastic bags are polluting the earth and oceans. They will not even decompose until 500 years. Remember that the first principle of being eco-friendly is to reduce, instead of reuse or reclaim. 

Act like you’re in your own home when you’re in a hotel

Turn off the lights, air conditioner, and TV when you are not using it or when you are leaving the room. However, if you’re leaving your room for just a short time, it’s better not to turn them off. It’s because it takes much larger energy and emissions when they are first turned on than when they’re ongoing.

This also applies to your usage of towels. You can use your towels multiple times instead of using a new one each time you shower. This will reduce the hotel’s usage of clean water for laundering your towel.

Use public transport

It is known that cars are one of the major air pollutants. As a responsible traveler, you can minimize your carbon footprint by using public transportation, because you will be sharing the carbon burden with a lot of people.

Using public transportation is also good because you will have the chance to interact with locals and experience their daily life. If you want a better option for eco-friendly traveling, you can use a bicycle or walking if the distance isn’t very far.

Avoid bottled water

Bottled water is not good for the environment. According to, bottled beverages are one of the items that pollute the ocean the most. It is recommended for you to bring your own reusable bottle from home. You can refill your bottle in your hotel before you go outside. The earth will thank you for acting responsibly towards the environment.